Tonight…We Say Goodbye To A Legend

(Duggan McConnell 1998-2010)

This blog is for one of the best dogs any of us will ever know.  Duggan wasn’t just any family pet, he was so much more.  Duggan played a huge part in so many lives.  Sure he loved Todd, Megan, Corey, Anne and Ched the best, but he loved us all.  Yes, he wasn’t “our” dog, but he really was, we all loved Duggan like one of our own.  Whenever any of us would walk into Todd’s who was the first to greet us?? It wasn’t Todd…he didn’t give a shit…it was Duggan.  He was the ambassador of the house, he was the one who approved of us.  Duggan was the member of the family that we wanted to impress and he was the one whose approval we wanted.  If you weren’t down with Duggan you weren’t welcome…and that is the truth.

Duggan McConnell was the dog that all dogs strive to be.  He was friendly and loving, but also a protector of his family.  We all knew Duggan, but he was first and foremost a McConnell…he was their dog above all else, and we are all grateful they let us share in his life.  We will miss Duggan, but not as much as his family will…they found a winner and that is hard to replace.

Goodbye Duggan…you were one of the greats.

For more pics of one of the greatest dogs to ever live click on the link below



2 Responses to “Tonight…We Say Goodbye To A Legend”

  1. devilsyanksjets Says:

    un real tribute james… greatly appreciated… i will foward this to my family.. duggan and blazer are ripping it up in heaven.. i like the part about how duggan said hi before anyone else

  2. Pam Skinner Says:

    I can’t imagine what you guys are going through. I remember Duggan when he a pup; totally in charge of the family. So handsome and kind; my heart crys for you.
    Nothing can duplicate the joy a dog gives a person.

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