Sleep Well Tonight Canada

Looks like Canada forgot they don’t just give you a gold medal for showing up.  Team U.S.A. just showed our friendly neighbors to the north that we can play hockey too and we aren’t going to buckle just because on paper it looks like they should beat us 99 times out of 100.  Canada controlled the puck most of the night, peppering U.S. goaltender Ryan Miller with 45 shots.  Miller didn’t break under the relentless pressure, stopping all but 3 pucks sent his way.  On the other side, team U.S.A. only managed 22 shots on Martin Brodeur, but unlike the Canadians were able to find the back of the net.  The main difference between the two teams was obviously hustle, the U.S. worked harder for loose pucks and scrapped better than Canada and it paid off with 5 goals.  Canada looked flashy, hitting long passes on the tape and moving the puck at will in their offensive zone, but couldn’t solve Ryan Miller or team U.S.A.’s cleaning crew in front of the net.  The Americans didn’t surrender many rebound opportunities and that went a long way to getting the victory.  It was a great win for the U.S. and now they get the benefit of a bye into the quarterfinals.

Canada went into these games basically assured they would win the gold medal, and they still can.  Yet, it’s the discounting of the American team by many in Canada that makes this win so sweet.  This was a game team U.S.A. was supposed to lose, not many gave them a decent chance.  But now Canada sits with a meager 5 points and has to play Germany then 3 more games if they hope to achieve their gold medal goal.  The U.S. now has a shot to be the #1 seed depending on the outcome of Finland Sweden later tonight.  Savor this win U.S.A. hockey fans, it only gets tougher from here.


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