Stay In Canada Asshole

Listen, I’m no Curling expert.  I watch the sport every four years for a couple days.  However, even I know a Curling goat when I see one, and John Shuster is a grade A goat.  If this asshole could slide a stone down a sheet of ice like he’s supposed to the U.S. would be 3-1 right now and in medal contention, but since he can’t we are 0-4 and pretty much headed for a last place finish.  Four, count em four game winning shots missed in three days, and the one he just missed against Denmark was a joke.  I’m not going to get into the details and how we should win this match 99% of the time but just trust me when I tell you that there is at least a 50-50 shot I could have gotten the job done with the last stone and I’ve never curled once in my life.  The shot was that easy.  Bottom line is there is zero chance Shuster is the skipper of U.S.A. curling again in four years, I’ve never seen anyone choke this badly in my life.


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One Response to “Stay In Canada Asshole”

  1. bill gates Says:

    that guy is a total loser, i would hate to be the “champion” of the gayest fucking event in the world next to gay buttfucking

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