Would You Pay $5.99 To See Her Naked?

So…rumor has it that Blake Lively is able and willing to pose nude for Playboy for the asking price of 2.5 million dollars.  Ok…here’s my question…WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG???  Is Hugh dead??? No right?? OK, so as long as he’s breathing this is a no brainer…pay this girl her money.  Who wouldn’t shell out 6 bucks to see this?? Well, readers of The Loon will because I will pirate those pics faster than Jack Sparrow.  If Blake does this my site will see an instant 200% increase in readers…because I won’t lie…I have an insider at the mansion…it’s true…I can’t name names but I will get the outtakes before any shots hit the web…so if this deal goes down expect The Loon to bring you the goods.


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