Lady Gaga Must Be Hideous

She really must be absolutely disgusting without all these crazy costumes and Unicorn semen on her face.  There is no other reason for this shit, I can’t explain it any other way.  I know she has legions of crazy female and gay male fans but to the casual observer I have to call dog face.  I have to, as a floundering blogger my integrity does still mean something, so you know when I throw out dog face I’m 110% confident in my call.  If this chick could get by without these Halloween costumes she would, just like if I could be interesting talking to a girl without a blood alcohol content of .15 I would as well, but I can’t and she’s obviously the female Phantom of the Opera.



2 Responses to “Lady Gaga Must Be Hideous”

  1. bill gates Says:

    She is fucking gross! I forgot to add her to my list with Sarah Palin and Tina Fey but Lady Gaga is the worst of them, I would give my first born son to see this bitch dragged out in the street and shot. I hate you Lady Gaga, I hope you die and burn in hell with that unicorn semen on your face lol

  2. red ring of death Says:

    and maybe she is really a man like christina aguilera apprntly said, after all she hides behind a thick fringe, face paint/jewels and big glasses

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