How Is This Guy Still Breathing?

CNN   An anti-whaling activist jumped aboard a Japanese security ship on Monday in a bid to make a citizen’s arrest of its skipper over the sinking of their boat, an animal rights group said.   Pete Bethune was captain of the “Ady Gill” boat, which sank after a Japanese whaler rammed into it in January, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, which owned the boat, said on its Web site.  The New Zealander climbed aboard the Japanese ship “Shonan Maru 2” in the middle of the night from a jet ski to arrest its skipper, the animal rights group said.  “His first attempt failed when he fell into the frigid waters,” the group said. “But despite this, the crew of the ‘Shonan Maru 2’ failed to see him and he successfully boarded the whaler without detection.”  After the incident, Bethune complained of a minor injury to his thumb, according to Japan’s ministry of fisheries.


What are we going to do with these people??  I think it’s clear now something has to be done.  They are obviously retarded, how else can you explain the logic of a single man thinking he can board a ship containing 20 agitated whalers and arrest their captain??  Not to mention this is a Japanese boat and the captain probably sleeps with a sword.  I blogged about the sinking of this dudes’ little pussy boat a while ago and I have been waiting for the retaliation from the Hippies of the Sea ever since, and THIS is what I get??  A guy fumbling all over the ocean falling off a jet ski then boarding a ship and hurting his thumb??  That’s weak.

However, it’s not the hippie I’m mad at here, it’s the Japanese for letting this little shit get off the boat alive.  If I’m on a ship in the middle of the antarctic sea, surrounded by crazy environmentalists who take orders from a guy who loves to try and sink boats, and I find one of them sneaking around my ship in the middle of the night, 10 times out of 10 I’m harpooning the fucker and tossing his ass overboard.  And are the hippies really trying to spin this as some sort of victory?  Good for you bro you got on the ship undetected, did you get the captain??  No?? Well in my book that’s a failure.  That’s like being from Kenya and being pumped that you finished a marathon.  If you’re some bad ass militant environmentalist I expect explosions and beheadings and shit…setting foot on a Japanese ship doesn’t do it for me, step it up.

P.S. I really really want these assholes to try and get violent because the Japanese would kill them all in about 20 seconds.



2 Responses to “How Is This Guy Still Breathing?”

  1. bill gates Says:

    I pray that one day one of those Japanese fishermen will just kill the fuck out of a bunch of hippie protesting wannabe faggots. These people are a disgrace to mankind and our country, fucking sickening. Whales are fucking delicious people, get use to it hahaha

  2. TRUE BLUE Says:

    LOL this is hysterical. Thank you for saying what normal rational well adjusted non conned , non brainwashed, non manipulated , humans know to be the truth. Bethune concoccted this pathetic little night flight in choppy angry icy seas along with the publicity whore himself , Mr Whale Wars , over a couple of weeks for PUBLICITY and WHALE WARS ratings and the obvious MONEY generated by WW – such a pathetic stupid highly dangerous and outrageous display of stupidity which shows us that Watson is not of sound mind. Bethune did this act of insanity for WW ratings only. It was a dull little voyage south so to get some action for WW, they contrived the sinking of the AG, several ship chases, a few crazy ivans, some water canon fights , stinky buttery bombs and they sent a barrage of toy crocodiles over onto the Japanese ships too, are you rivetted to your seats yet ? WW was looking a bit bleak, so the ill organised wilful boarding of the ship by Bethune was meant to make things more intersting than watching a fly crawl up a wall. Only damn and darn, the AP photographer was unable to hang on in the rough sea and film at the same time so buggar blast and dash, they couldnt film it for WW . . .but they tried filming Bethune knocking on the door at daybreak letting himself be arrested.. and what an anti climax that was. It gets more nauseous, then they try and start an international incident and feverishly have interviews with every known media on the planet – lets remember at this point that “any publicity is good publicity” – so Bethuns goes off to Japan andf Watson tries to manipulate the media, its all about PUBLICITY and MONEY so people, dont be fooled by this fool, fat boy will do anything to rub shoulders with his movie star buddies, the tragedy of SS is that its all bout blubber boy.. his image, his money, his lifestyle, his looks, his weight and weight loss, him. . its all about him. Dont donate to these ferals, its sickening to know that the donations go into his bank account and a bunch of embarrassing feral hippies are making fools of good people who REALLY care about whales. PW is a liar and a fraud.

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