Priest Gets Busted Buying Cocaine

Philadelphia  A Roman Catholic priest from northeastern Pennsylvania is facing drug possession charges after police say he was caught buying cocaine in Philadelphia. Philadelphia police said Friday that 50-year-old James B. Shimsky, a priest in the Diocese of Scranton, was arrested last month.  Narcotics officers said they saw a man in a Jeep engage in a drug transaction the morning of Jan. 30 on a North Philadelphia street. Police said they stopped the vehicle and found a small amount of cocaine inside.


Hey Father, get a dealer.  Honestly, rolling into the hood and asking the first black guy you see for coke is probably the quickest way to get arrested.  Talk about amateur hour.  I promise you there is someone in Scranton who sells blow from his house, his name is Kris he lives on Garden ave (don’t ask me how I know this but he’s there).  Do some research, your collar doesn’t give you an excuse to be a moron.  Now you’ve got to explain this to your congregation in between threats of hell and eternal damnation.  But something tells me your sermons are going to get exponentially shorter now that you won’t have the chatter powder in your system.  Maybe next football season everyone will get out in time to catch the early games, for once, you chatty Kathy.


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3 Responses to “Priest Gets Busted Buying Cocaine”

  1. DevilsYanksJets Says:

    Who is this guys Kris that you know on garden Ave. If I lived in Scranton PA id be doing more drugs than just coke.

  2. Jeanette Bunn Says:

    What a excellent blog entry, Thanks for sharing it with me. Have a Great day!

  3. Michael Says:

    He died in treatment.

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