It All Starts Tonight!

(Quick sidenote, Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili died today during a practice run, pretty fucked up stuff considering the track was lined with large steel girders about 3 feet off the ice…not good planning Vancouver…anyway Georgia might pull out of the Olympics entirely now)

Well it’s that time again, Olympic time!  Those of you who know me know I’m an Olympics addict, I live for this stuff.  For Beijing I was waking up at 2 a.m. just to watch the U.S. Basketball team play Latvia.  I’m not sure which version of the games I like the best, I mean we absolutely dominate the summer games but there is something about winter sports that I love.  It’s probably the speed aspect of the winter games, sure you have Usain Bolt putting up low 9 second 100 meters, but give me Alpine skiing over that shit any day, those fuckers fly. 

This might be one of the best winter teams the U.S. has put together, if Lindsay Vonn can go we might run away with gold medals.  Apolo Anton Ohno and Shani Davies are ready to dominate speed skating.  If Bode Miller can keep his shit together he has a shot to redeem himself from the Torino games.  We have a sick squad for figure skating, both men and women’s.  Erin Hamlin might win the first U.S. gold ever in luge, finally beating those fucking Germans.  Not to mention the U.S. men’s hockey team is stacked with young talent and a goaltender in Tim Thomas who has been playing poorly of late but can still turn into a brick wall at any moment.

The opening ceremonies are tonight and the action gets going around noon eastern tomorrow.  Some things to watch over the first few days…

Saturday Feb 13th

1:45 pm et: Men’s Individual Normal Hill Ski Jumping Final

3:00 pm et: Men’s 5000m Speedskating

10:24 pm et: Men’s 1500m Speedskating Final

Sunday Feb 14th

3:00 pm et: Women’s Ice Hockey- USA v. China

4:00 pm et: Women’s Alpine Skiing-Super Combined Slalom

Monday Feb 15th

5:58 pm et: Men’s Snowboard Cross Final

8:00 pm et: Figure Skating-Pairs Free Skate

8:28 pm et: Men’s Speedskating 500m

Tuesday Feb 16th

12:00 pm et: Men’s Curling Round Robin- USA v. Germany

3:00 pm et: Men’s Ice Hockey Prelim- USA v. Switzerland

There are a million other things going on those days but I just wanted to include some of the best medal events and matches that the U.S. is competing in…needless to say you can watch olympics for pretty much 14 straight hours everyday.  Great stuff.


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3 Responses to “It All Starts Tonight!”

  1. the video boss Says:

    I dont normally post to blogs but I enjoyed this post so keep up the good work. -cheers-

  2. DevilsYanksJets Says:

    I love how you only mentioned Tim Thomas for team USA. Hes not even the starting goalie. Ryan Miller is a god but Thomas is also legit. They will either split time between games but from what I heard Miller is getting the nod to start. What about this captain Langebrunner or their best player Zach Parise. And I also just heard the game on Sunday against Canada is going to be blocked out due to figure skating. What a fucking joke its Canada USA hockey.. to sick not to watch

  3. The_Creator Says:

    yeah…the game tomorrow is on live on USA

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