Quick Rant

Ok so I’m watching MSNBC tonight as part of my daily regimen of hearing the other side of the argument.  I’m not a liberal…though I’m definitely left when it comes to social issues, but probably as right as they come when it comes to economics or foreign policy.  Keith Olbermann, who was a SportsCenter anchor last I checked was whining about Republicans being evil, and then he called the Tea-Party people, Tea-Baggers…now the point of my rant…is calling these people Tea-Baggers funny?  I’ve heard pretty much every democrat or liberal call them this, and honestly…it’s pretty fucking dumb.  Ok you may not agree with these people but to equate them to  sucking on a nutsack is pretty infantile no?  I’m sure worse things have been said in the course of American politics but I’m pretty confused why The Left is running with this dumb pun.

This is pretty much why I don’t agree with liberals on much.  They have zero sense of humor.  It’s evident anywhere you look.  Sure liberals are mostly in charge of the entertainment world, but that’s probably why there haven’t been too many great comedies made over the last 20 years.  And the ones that get good reviews are watered down and not cutting edge at all.  That’s why comedians like Jim Jeffries and Jim Norton are so good, because they don’t buy into the whole P.C. movement that’s killing freedom of speech.

It’s always great to watch Libs try to be funny, because they rarely are.  When is the last time Janeane Garofalo got an HBO special?  She’s a comedian for those of you who have forgotten, or couldn’t tell by listening to her on Air America…which you can’t anymore since it’s gone bankrupt and no longer exists.  Or how about Senator Al Franken, who used to be on SNL if you can believe it, but smartly figured out he wasn’t funny and went into politics.

I guess the point of this rant is to ask the question why Liberals think it’s a good idea to alienate a large group of people by saying they are ball sack suckers.  It’s not funny, clever, or affective, and it makes independents like me not want to vote for them.  Say what you will about Bush or Palin or republicans in general, but the only people they ever took shots at were the print media and hollywood actors…who make up maybe .00005% of the population…Democrats are pissing off at least 30% of the country…now tell me if that’s good politics.


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One Response to “Quick Rant”

  1. bill gates Says:

    the only thing worse than a right wing extremist is a left wing liberal douchebag. im liberal about alot of things but im conservative too, most of us operate in this gray area.

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