Will The Real Saints Fans Please Stand Up?!

(show me one Saints ANYTHING in this picture older than 5 years…I’ll give the guy with a Deuce jersey a pass…lots of Reggie Bush jerseys though…huh…you’d think these fans would know someone else on the team)

So the Saints won the Superbowl!!! The biggest bullshit fan base in history gets to scream WHO DAT! all summer long…fucking wonderful.  Is there a city that has milked a tragedy more than New Orleans?? Right now it’s February 7th 2010…Hurrican Katrina happened…AUGUST 2005!!!  Holy shit…that was a natural disaster…New York got fucking BOMBED September 2001 and nobody gave a shit in May 2002.  How the fuck has this city been able to act like the goddamned victim for almost 5 years???  It’s mind boggling.  In the pregame today Obama is talking about how he has a special place in his heart for New Orleans because of all it’s been through…are you kidding me???

Now lots of people would take a minute here to say “oh I understand what happened in New Orleans was horrible and that the people there suffered” blah blah fucking blah!  NO! I will not say that shit because I was sitting next to an old member of the Coast Guard tonight who was stationed in New Orleans in the 70s!!! And he was telling me how they knew they would be sunk by a hurricane back then! 30 fucking years ago!!  That’s like getting all shocked if San Francisco is hit by an earthquake!  If you build your city on a major fault line you’re gonna get shaken from time to time…just like if you build your city in the middle of a hurricane zone beneath sea level you’re gonna get sunk.

Now my main beef is not with the people who actually live in New Orleans…if you’re a lifelong Saints fan ur a life long Saints fan (all 500 of you).  What I’m pissed about is how rooting for the Saints is now the politically correct thing to do and somehow doing so makes you a better person…fuck…that…shit.  I get pissed because NOBODY!! NOBODY!!! gave a shit about the Saints before 2005…you know who gave a shit about them before then???  This guy…

oh but a good season or two then all of a sudden it’s this shit…

Guaranteed these assholes were all wearing Tom Brady, or Randy Moss jerseys last year…cuz those Bush and Colston ones look like they were bought yesterday…just you watch…Saints have their next losing season and the Super Dome is empty…awesome fans.

I logged on to Facebook when I got home tonight and saw FAR too many assholes with “Who Dat!” as their status…and these assholes I know are Niners, Vikings, Patriots fans, etc.  In the interest of full disclosure I am a Yankees fan since 1992…but I’m also a Bruins, Dolphins, and die hard…DIE HARD! Suns fan…San Antonio could get NUKED tomorrow and I would never cheer for the Spurs.  I’ve seen one of my teams win titles…two haven’t won since the 70s and the third has never won…but ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you I’m a fan of those teams…unlike some people I know who just recently revealed themselves as Saints fans…or so they say…it’s bullshit.

Enjoy the championship REAL fans of New Orleans…and if you can’t name 5 of your team’s quarterbacks before Drew Brees you are a fucking joke.  I’ll give you a hint…one of their initials is A.B.

P.S. just to illustrate what a non fair weather fan base looks like…here ya go…

that’s this year! and they sucked…and here’s what the superdome used to look like during a game before it was cool to be a Saints fan

you can just send that security guard home…nobody is coming…WHO DAT!!!!


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9 Responses to “Will The Real Saints Fans Please Stand Up?!”

  1. Japanese Kimonos Says:

    What did you think about the google commercial on the superbowl last night?

  2. CritiqueDirect Reviews Says:

    I never thought I would agree with this opinion, but I’m starting to see things differently.

  3. The_Creator Says:

    my whole point with this post is that I’m sick and tired of people jumping on bandwagons because it’s the socially acceptable thing to do…the average person will praise you if you route for the Saints…me?? well I’m gonna call you out for being a phony…because I am an avid sports fan…a HUGE football fan…and I have never heard of “Who Dat” nation or any kind of big time Saints fans until this season…people want to hop on a tragedy and act like they’ve been there for years…it’s nonsense…and I will not give credit to these people

  4. bmqyanksfan Says:

    neither will i jwill… im a colts fan and im sick of the who dat stuff i thought before the game that of course i want the colts to win but maybe the town deserves… but now i think differently

  5. 504ever Says:

    Well gee, TWO buildings were destroyed in NYC and I still hear about it, and will continue to hear about it every September 11th for the rest of my life. My entire city was almost destroyed you ignorant piece of shit. I only went to two Saints games this year, and granted there are a lot of Bush jerseys there (funny, because he hopefully won’t be coming back next year), but we have had very little to cheer about since Katrina. Have you ever lost your home? All of your possessions? Been forced to live in a city for 6 months where you don’t know ANYBODY? And then you had to live in a trailer for 6 months and try to rebuild what used to be your life, all the while trying to reassure your kids that everything is going to be alright? Didn’t think so, asshole.

    • The_Creator Says:

      well do the Mets, Rangers, Yankees, Knicks, Nets, Devils, Islanders, Giants and Jets use 9/11 as a rallying cry? don’t think so buddy…maybe since nobody would give a shit about The Saints if it wasn’t for Katrina they have to milk it for all it’s worth…nobody is knocking the city of New Orleans, just douchbag Saints “fans” who think rooting for the team makes them a good person…phony bullshit doesn’t fly on The Loon…if you want bleeding heart cry fests go someplace else

  6. bill gates Says:

    im glad somebody finally said it, fuck nawlins and all its inhabitants, present and future.

  7. Jonathan Holder Says:


  8. Nola Says:

    The Media milked Katrina. Not New Orleans. New Orleans residents hate that shit as much as the rest of the Country. Furthermore, true Saints fans aren’t big on the bandwagoners either. And your reasoning of everyone in the stands are wearing new gear so they are bandwagoners is ridiculous! I buy new gear every year. You are half fucking retarded! No! Wait! Let me rephrase that! You are FULL ON FUCKING RETARDED! Dickbag.

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