Two Wins In A Row???

Suns won their first road game in about 273 years tonight beating the Houston Rockets 115-111 in OT.  A couple things I think are worth mentioning from this game…Steve Nash…16 assists…0…ZERO turnovers…that’s like pitching a complete game shutout in baseball…it doesn’t happen very often.  Another thing is that Phoenix showed some life considering Ariza hit a nonsense three pointer to send the game into OT, then Amare fouls out early in OT and they still figure out a way to win a tough road game.  It’s got to be hard to stay focused and keep playing at a high level when Amare is rumored to be traded to every other team in the league.  The Suns have a solid team when they are clicking…and the last two games make it look like they are getting back to early season form.  What I really like is that Robin Lopez is starting to step it up and play like a young 7 footer should play.  He can be a very effective big man for years if he keeps within his game and doesn’t try to score like his brother.  Think a white lanky Ben Wallace…it could work.  Anyway, a tough game in New Orleans tomorrow night, Chris Paul might not play, but Suns need to keep up the tempo because this road trip could become the turning point in the season.


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