Is This Austrian Army Ad Serious?

What I love about this ad is that even though I don’t speak the language I know exactly what’s going on.  That being said, is Austria serious?  First of all I have to assume that this was the nicest place they could find in the country to shoot.  Secondly, I have to assume these are the best looking women in the entire country.  Thirdly, why does the soldier casually jerk off the gun as he slides off the tank?  Wait, that’s not a tank right?  If that’s what Austria is calling a tank I really hope Germany doesn’t see this video cuz there is no way they could resist.

What’s the Austrian Army slogan?  “Army! Drive Pussy Tanks, Get Busted Pussy”

Jesus let the U.S. army show you how it’s done…

now that shit gets you 10s


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