It Took 17 Games…3 Quarters…14 Minutes and 53 Seconds…But It Happened

Nice choke job Brett…in field goal range…a couple seconds to go in the 4th quarter of the NFC championship game…you know, “give your kicker a chance” territory…and what do you do?  Roll right and throw across your body left for an interception to send the game into OT…then of course your team loses the toss, commits about 50 penalties to give the Saints a gazillion chances…and some no name kicker ends your season…sounds about right…I feel like this has happened before…when was that??  OH YEAH!!!! Your last game as a fucking Packer you did pretty much the exact same thing…now once again the last pass you ever throw could be an INT…but of course I don’t think you’re gonna retire…sure you’ll say you will…but you won’t…and we’ll have to deal with this whole saga again next season…who you gonna play for next year?  The Niners??  I hear The Texans need a stud QB…I really wanted you to win tonight just so I could be done with you…but now I have to deal with your bullshit for another year…but hey…at least you had fun out there


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