Scott Brown…Next President of The United States?

Young, charismatic state Senator wins a spot to the United States Senate, then a couple years later becomes President…don’t think it’s possible?  Well I know for a fact it is, since well, it just happened.  Other than race, the newly elected senator from Massachusetts and Barack Obama have a hell of a lot in common.  I’m not saying Brown has done anything to earn the nomination in 2012, but neither had Obama at the same point in his career.  Remember, nobody knew who the hell Obama was until he made a speech at the 2004 democratic national convention.  Scott Brown just exploded on to the scene tonight, winning the senate seat that hadn’t been occupied by anyone not named Kennedy since 1953, and he won in convincing fashion.  It’s very early but I’m willing to go out on a limb…right now…and predict that come 2012 it will be Scott Brown vs. President Obama for the White House.  I’m pretty damned confident in this prediction because not only did Brown win tonight, he showed off his family.  You don’t think that matters?  Well you would be wrong, his daughters alone are going to make him a contender because as a man far wiser than me once said, “America loves young hot jailbait ass”  and it’s true.  Sure they may be legal but there is no denying Scott Brown’s daughters are legitimate smokeshows…just take a look…

Ayla was in the fucking running for American Idol the gods sake…and tonight after her father’s win she performed at the celebration…you think in a country obsessed with celebrity she won’t be an asset??? Then of course there is her younger sister…

Arianna is a blond fucking bombshell…

Ok listen, I like President Obama…I think he’s a cool guy, I want him to succeed…but bottomline is this…he’s about to be blitzed by the goddamn white family that Republicans only dream about…seriously, so far as I can tell the Brown’s are fucking political gold…the only thing that could sabotage them is if we find out Ayla has a coke problem and Arianna likes chicks…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

This family has just emerged as the non retarded Palins…probably the worst nightmare for Democrats


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