Jeter’s Getting Married…This Won’t End Well

So Jeter is finally getting married to long time girlfriend Minka Kelly.  That’s good and all, happy for the guy, but the season starts soon DJ…might wanna get back in the weight room.  I know you just won your thumb world series and you deserve some time off…but seriously bro it looks like you’ve been having a little too much of a good time.  I know it’s a whirlwind, you’re engaged, you’re in some tropical location, your mind isn’t on baseball, but you had a great year last year because you were a workout Nazi during the off season…so now if your error total doubles and you hit .270 don’t say I didn’t point out the warning signs.  You’re a pro athlete…your gut shouldn’t look like mine.

P.S. I give this marriage about a 10% chance…only thing going for it is that Minka is only semi-famous and if she stays that way it could work…but if she starts doing big time movies and shit then you better believe she’ll be humping Jude Law during breaks from the set.


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