Like Stop Killing Whales Man   The high-tech stealth boat Ady Gil was cut in half and sunk by a Japanese security vessel in Antarctic waters today, dramatically upping the stakes in the annual struggle between whalers and protesters.  Sea Shepherd group leader Paul Watson told Fairfax Media the $1.5 million Ady Gil was sinking, but its six-man crew had been rescued and was uninjured.  Earlier today, the fleet was contacted for the first time by the Ady Gil and Sea Shepherd’s “secret” third vessel, the Bob Barker


I gotta say that’s pretty riveting video and proof that hippies need to stay off the water.  What was that boat made of, cardboard?  These idiots probably crafted the first ever hemp boat and just saw that when going toe to toe with a big ass steel whaling vessel you might wanna get the fuck out of the way.  What did they think was going to happen here?

I am a huge fan of the Animal Planet show Whale Wars.  It’s the best unintentional comedy on television, and now I can’t wait for the new season.  Their stupidity is going to get somebody killed and when that happens I will be glued to the screen.  These people are just too good to be true, not one of them are qualified to even be on a boat let alone play chicken with seasoned Japanese sailors.  Whatever, fat fuck Paul Watson will spin this and say that the Japanese intentionally rammed the little boat when the video clearly shows otherwise.  I’m kind of holding out hope that this whole thing will eventually lead to whale meat being legal in the United States because I’d love to try it…bet it’s delicious.

P.S. My favorite part of the video is the last blast from the water cannon after they crushed that shitty little boat, just a straight “fuck you” on behalf of the nation of Japan.


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  2. TRUE BLUE Says:

    Fat boy had a controversial weight loss programme going on last year, he hates being called fat boy so off he trotted with a bag of donations ( thats how he became a millionaire ) to see his local quack who got him injecting pregnant women’s urine hormones which account for his rapid weight loss. . . but wait theres more. . WW 2010 will be more of a sham than last years rubbish as it was all contrived and fake and nothing is real. we knew that anway… its all games and high jinks and having toy crocodile fights with the whalers – there is nothing new in WW 2010 that we dont know.. Bethune , water fights, AG chopped in two with AP cameras arriving at the exact moment of contrived collision, chasing the fleet on their summer cruise, crazy Ivans, there it is. . WW 2010. I bet he wont show his trip by chopper to the French base where he dined on cheeses, wines, fillet mingon and other goodies now will he? but wait theres more – hes now going to start a new reality show called “Dolphin Warriors” , be prepared for more nauseous acting for the greedy AP crews who love the money almost as much as fatso does and so it goes on and on .. ad nauseum – what a tragic organisation this SS is, hippie ferals who are so manipulated they are too afraid to even talk to their supercilious arrogant super god. Would someone please put this charlotan out of his misery -and ours.

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