Ok…It’s Getting Good Again

Ok so since I went back home for Christmas I kinda stopped keeping track of some of my shows.  I didn’t really want to spend nights watching Jersey Shore and The Real World when I could be out at the bars getting sloshed.  It also didn’t help that the “Snickers getting punched episode” pulled the punch entirely.  I was pretty down on Jersey Shore and wasn’t that pumped to watch last weeks episode. 

So I DVR it when I get back to Zona today and…WOW!! Fucking show is back in a big way!  We get the aftermath of the punch which was fine, but then it turned into “The Situation” and Pauly D show which is when Jersey Shore is at its best.  Just two dyed in the wool Guidos Guidoing it up.  Best line of the episode has to be when The “Situation” finds out the third girl he’s trying to recruit is “gorgeous” we get a simple but awesome, “oh now we got a situation…Pauly D!!” The shit show on the lake and JWOWW battling a team of bitches and Pauly D showing what he can do on the old one twos made this great…and what made it even better are the scenes for next week when The Grenade makes a return and all hell breaks loose and we get another Situation gem “i think they probably just smelled the food in the house”  So yeah I’m pumped again about this train wreck.

P.S. Is Vinny’s boss really gonna can him because he lost his chick to a 21 year old?  Man up dude.


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