It Must Be That Time Of Year Again

What do you know…it’s the end of the season and another Brett Favre quarterbacked team is shitting the bed.  Is it time yet to start to call this quick starter out on his garbage?  I mean regular season success is great and all and the Vikings are lucky they have a better team than the Jets did last year or Favre might be leading another team to a late season playoff missing collapse.  How did Brett do tonight against the powerhouse Panthers??  17/27 224 yards 0 TDs and 1 INT and a sparkling 73.7 passer rating.  Lighting up that stat sheet!!! Favre has been garbage for the last 4 years but he keeps getting by on his early season heroics…he’s broken records he had no business breaking, the all-time touchdown leader should not also hold the record for most INTs by a mile…it’s a joke…Favre is a joke…he’s an average QB that’s gotten by because he has a cannon arm…I hope the Vikings lose out, don’t get a bye week, and then get killed by the Packers in the first round with Favre throwing three picks…and yes I’m a Dolphins fan who hates Favre for clinging to his career long enough to break all Dan’s records

P.S. Chad Henne…the guy who hasn’t played a full season yet managed to put up a 87.1 passer rating against the same Panthers…yeah Favre should still be playing


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2 Responses to “It Must Be That Time Of Year Again”

  1. LobstersClaw Says:

    I know! Brett Favre sucks!!!! Suck a dick Favre. LOL LOL LOL wtf btw?

  2. Will Kessler Says:

    He sure did light up the pride of North Jersey today though.

    Last time I checked he had 29 TDs to 7 INTs and a 104 pass rating. But you’re right, maybe they should bring back Culpepper or some other loser quarterback to take them back to mediocrity.

    POST SOME NEW MATERIAL you lazy bastard.


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