Hanukkah Smokeshows Day 5…Amanda Bynes

I had kind of a personal battle in choosing today’s smokeshow…see I had a field of 9 for an 8 day countdown and there was a tough battle between Amanda and Ashley Tisdale for one spot…now Tisdale has the more revealing shots, but I just have a feeling about Amanda…girl is going to be huge…like crazy famous…she’s got the comedy chops as well as the look.  She’s only 23 so it’s getting close to the time of implants and an epic eating disorder.  Look for her to start to shed a few layers and blows us away…because she’s got the raw materials she just needs to bring it all together.

More Amanda through the link


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3 Responses to “Hanukkah Smokeshows Day 5…Amanda Bynes”

  1. DevilsYanksJets Says:

    she is a smoke show… wait question are all these chicks your posting Js? Please tell me bynes isnt a J… How do I log in so I dont keep having to type my name and email

  2. Mystery Solved « The Loon Says:

    […] yesterday I got a HUGE uptick in hits and most of them were to a blog about Amanda Bynes…well now I figured out at least part of the reason for this.  She’s retiring from […]

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