Alchohol Fuels Innovation

Ohio  The bidding on eBay topped out at more than $1,000 for a motorized bar stool that a U.S. man rode right into an arrest for drunken driving.  The online auction ended Sunday night with a winning bid of $1,125 for the contraption Kile Wygle crashed in March in the central Ohio city of Newark. He was charged with driving under the influence, later pleaded guilty and served three days in a driver education program.  The bar stool was listed on eBay by the county, which had seized it and planned to use the sale proceeds toward back child support owed by Wygle.

I swear if there was no booze the world would be a much different place.  I’m starting to think most of the monumental advancements in technology were first thought of during a bender.  Honestly, what sober person would think about strapping people on top of a massive explosion to send them into space?  Impossible.  A drunk thought of that, same thing with trains…no clear headed person comes up with bolting iron rails to the dirt, it just doesn’t happen that way.  Sober people invent things like the “thumbs up” and missionary position…boozehounds figured out space travel, the internet, and doggie style…three of the most important advancements in the history of mankind…oh and the motorized barstool…can’t forget about that.



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