Everyone Responsible For This Commercial Should Kill Themselves

I swear, recently I’ve been having a feud with commercials…there are soo many I hate…like the Jared Jewelery commercial with the zero giving the GPS a necklace cuz somehow he has no idea how to get anywhere on his own.  But these Best Buy commercials are the worst…they aren’t funny, which is fine except they are trying to be funny…whoever made these thinks they are funny…they aren’t…they are fucking stupid…some of the dumbest things I have ever seen…oh golly gee guys want HDTVs! Guys are so easy!!! SHUT UP!!! Stop trying to spout some half-assed social commentary and just push your overpriced electronics without the song and dance…fucking pricks…and I can talk because I used to work for these assholes.

P.S. Love how they thought the kid saying “Moo” at the end would somehow be the kneeslapper of the year…time for some new blood in the advertising department



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