We Must Protect This House!

106-103…Suns over the Magic…Phoenix is a perfect 8-0 at home…only team in the NBA that is unbeaten in their own building…and what did it come down to?  An Amar’e Stoudemire offense rebound and put-back dunk with 6 seconds to go.  Suns had to have this game…had to prove that their recent slump was just a blip…what better way to prove that then beating one of the league’s best road teams…sure Orlando was on the second game of a road back to back, but excuse me if I don’t shed a tear for them since the Suns have been victimized by the schedule makers so far this year with multiple back to backs on the road…the Suns did a great job of shutting down D-Howard and Nash went off with a sultry stat line of 20-18-7…not too shabby…the one worrisome aspect of this game is that it shouldn’t have been this close…Suns gave back leads of 19 and 14 due to team wide shooting slumps…but in the end the game was won and Phoenix improves to 16-7…now play that victory music!


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One Response to “We Must Protect This House!”

  1. Clarence Lechuga Says:

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