Hanukkah Brings 8 Days of Smokeshows…Day 1 Natalie Portman

Well today marks the beginning of Hanukkah and I thought what better way to acknowledge our Jewish friends then to have an 8 day countdown of hot Jewish celebrities.  And what better smokeshow to lead us off than Natalie Portman?  I’ve had a thing for this chick for a long time…girl is almost flawless…her scenes in the film “Closer” are some of the best shit I’ve ever seen…and she’s like super bad-ass Jewish…girl is like an Israeli Army commando, and at the same time making Christian guys all over the planet seriously think about converting…the Jewish faith has a ridiculous recruiting tool…chosen people indeed

More of Natalie through the link


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3 Responses to “Hanukkah Brings 8 Days of Smokeshows…Day 1 Natalie Portman”

  1. bmqyanksfan Says:

    i’m Jewish Happy Hannukah/ Christmas JWILL!!!!!!!

  2. dammit Says:

    DMMMIT, shes such a babe. im ocessed

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