Nice Shirt Assholes

Denmark   For a group of youngsters attending the UN climate talks in Copenhagen, age makes all the difference in saving the planet.  Sporting bright orange T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan “How old will you be in 2050?”, the youths sought to remind delegates who will still be around in some 40 years that the decisions they make today will affect the world they live in then.  Delegates who looked as if they would survive to 2050 were given one of the orange T-shirts, while others were given a scarf of the same colour at the entrance to the Bella Centre conference hall where the climate negotiations are being held.


What a kick in the dick to be given a scarf from these little bitches huh?  Being told you look like you’re about to die by a bunch of strung out malnourished hippies is probably one of life’s biggest wake up calls.  But this is why I get a kick out of protesters, asking a bunch of snobby uptight 60-year-old politicians how old they are gonna be in 2050 is basically a sure-fire way to get them not to give a rat’s ass about your cause.  “How old will I be?  Well fuck I guess I’ll be dead, screw the environment I wanna cruise my Gulfstream up to Greenland and start picking off polar bears…life’s a short”  Now I don’t really have an opinion about global warming one way or the other, I’m currently in Arizona and there’s a foot of snow on the ground, but I have a very strong opinion about protesters…I don’t like em.  Nope I don’t care for marches or people with bullhorns chanting things like, “hey hey, ho ho, this penis party’s got to go” wait wrong cause…regardless they annoy the hell out of me…I feel like protests don’t do shit, it’s just someway for losers to feel self righteous and pretend to be revolutionaries…I used to pretend too, when I was six.  There are a group of people in my town that stand by the courthouse everyday with signs saying “get out of Iraq and Afghanistan” umm ok hippies should I pass your message along to the commanders on the ground? I just don’t understand what they think they are accomplishing…but hey as long as it keeps them in places like Denmark (which is a shit country…btw I haven’t forgotten about you fucking Danes) then I’m fine with it.  So no nukes! and no blood for oil! and all that jazz…go get em guys!


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