Jaime Grubbs Is Punching Above Her Weight Class

NY Daily News  The latest person dragged into the Tiger Woods drama? George Clooney.  Jaime Grubbs, the 24-year-old cocktail waitress and reality TV show contestant who claims she had a 31-month affair with Woods, has been romantically linked to the Oscar-winning actor as well, reports Us Weekly.  “I know him,” was the coy reply Grubbs gave the mag when asked if she dated Clooney.  Meanwhile Clooney’s rep told E! News, “He has never met her.”


Who the hell is this chick??  She stars in one of the worst reality tv shows in history, but then somehow takes down the biggest athlete on the planet, and now we find out she’s been banging one of the world’s most famous actors?  This girl must be dynamite in the sack or her pictures just don’t do her justice…I’ve seen girls that are absolute smokes but look average on camera.  Bottom line this nobody cocktail waitress slays giants…GIANTS!!  Tiger may be worth more money but George Clooney is way more famous…she is like the female whore equivalent of Rudy…but she not only sacked the quarterback she forced a fumble recovered it and took it back 80 yards for 6…any chick out there who wants to bang someone famous, Jaime Grubbs has written the playbook.

P.S.  And George you better be careful with denials because one thing we know about Jaime is that she saves shit…soon we’re gonna have a sexting transcript featuring Danny Ocean.


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