Ok…I guess I’ll Comment

Ok so I’ve been pretty quiet about the whole Tiger Woods banging every chick in the world media frenzy.  Mostly because I really don’t see what the big deal is and also to me it wasn’t surprising at all.  If you’re Tiger Woods and you’re worth over a billion dollars I think you have an obligation to fuck anyone anywhere anytime, and if you don’t then you are slapping every man on the planet in the face.  A man who has the ability to bang any chick he wants and doesn’t when the rest of us have to work our asses off would be an insult.  Like who the fuck would Tiger Woods think he is being faithful to one woman?  Ugh fuck you Tiger it doesn’t work that way, and thankfully it wasn’t true…Tiger was banging Vegas waitresses on a scale that will probably turn out to be legendary.  So far the count is at 9 but you know there have to be WAY more than that…if there are 9 then there are hundreds, it’s simple math people.

The only mistake Tiger made was trying to fabricate this happy family thing…if he had just taken a page out of Derek Jeter’s playbook and stayed single while banging smoking hot actresses none of this would be an issue…Jeter is probably the biggest man whore since Wilt Chamberlain and nobody ever knocks him for it, because it’s expected!  Tiger tried to go against the flow and married a swedish model (fucking cliché) and then posed for pictures like this…

You take a picture like that with a fucking dog licking your face while you giggle like a little bitch you better not have a harem of crusty bar sluts hiding in the closet.  Cuz that’s what people are so pissed off about here, is that Tiger was lying through photos like this…this is not Tiger Woods but he tried to convince everyone it was…that said I don’t give a shit if he fucked the entire state of Nevada I actually hope the number of chicks reaches triple digits, but Woods needs to just say “fuck it you caught me I like fucking as many white girls as I can find, deal with it”  he needs to fly to NY, go out with Jeter on the upper east side and run through some 20-year-old white socialites…maybe this will do for Tiger’s game what admitting to steroids did for A-Rod…Tiger may win 30 majors now…and if I were the rest of the golf world I’d be scared shitless cuz something tells me Tiger is out for blood

P.S. Fuck Elin Woods for being pissed off at this, bitch you married him because he was a rich famous athlete you knew what you were getting into…getting mad at a wealthy athlete for cheating is like being pissed at water for being wet…get over it, you’re the same as the rest of these bitches except you’re gonna get some money out of it, so cry me a river when you’re riding whatever dick will get you your next payday



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