I’ve Seen Things Man

So our good friend Lindsay Lohan posed for the cover of Muse magazine, whatever the fuck that is, and did a pictorial spread about something to do with Kate Moss and Johnny Depp…yeah it’s really confusing…however there was one picture that stood out and it’s right through the link and I guess it’s NSFW

That is indeed Lohan ass ladies and gentlemen and this picture is most definitely worth a thousand words.  What in the fuck is wrong with her right ass cheek?? And what is that black shit all over it?  I really have no idea what to think about this…or way she would think having this picture published is a good idea…is that a massive hemorrhoid there?  Sorta circled by the black stuff…I think it might be…well in any case Lohan is officially dead to me now…whatever fleeting memory I had of her being hot has now evaporated…she could have been one of the greats but I guess coke, booze, and starvation were just too tempting to pass up


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