A Star Is Born

Today in South Florida the newest superstar quarterback revealed himself.  Chad Henne tore up the New England Patriots secondary all day to the tune of 335 yards and 2 touchdowns…not bad for a guy making his 9th career start.  His only mistakes today were on balls that were overthrown because he has a cannon of an arm.  The overthrow to Polite that might have gone for a touchdown would have been the story if Henne hadn’t rebounded and thrown a bullet to Camarillo on the very next play…which happened to be 4th down.  Bottom line is Henne looked great while Brady continues his pathetic play in Miami in December…that’s now 0-2 with a 50 something QB rating for Mr. Bunchen in the fins house.  Now with tiebreakers in hand over both the Pats and the Jets, Miami is sitting pretty to repeat as division champs…just can’t shit the bed again like we did against Buffalo…now play that shit!


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2 Responses to “A Star Is Born”

  1. Patsman Says:

    Nice job winning the division. Hope Henne’s golf game is improving now that the NFL playoffs are starting.

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