Some More Reasons Why Denmark Sucks

Just thought I’d share with you some of Denmark’s laws that make the country so great…

1.  When driving, you must have someone in front of your car with a flag to warn horse drawn carriages that a motorcar is coming.

2.  Persons may not wear a mask.

3.  If a horse drawn carriage is trying to pass a car and the horse becomes uneasy, the owner of the car is required to pull over and if necessary, cover the car.

4.  Restaurants may not charge for water unless it is accompanied by another item such as ice or a lemon slice.

and my personal favorite

5.  Attempt to escape from prison is not illegal, however, if one he is caught he is required to serve out the remainder of his term.

There really are quite a few laws to protect the rights of horses huh?  Fucking backwards ass Denmark…we have people who drive horse drawn carriages too, they are called the Amish and they are a joke…get your shit together Denmark, because I found these laws after a 5 second google search…don’t make me dig to find the real dirt.



2 Responses to “Some More Reasons Why Denmark Sucks”

  1. bmqyanksfan Says:

    About #5: If escaping isn’t illegal, and you get caught, why not escape again?

  2. The_Creator Says:

    yeah…it doesn’t make sense…it’s almost like they encourage prison breaks

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