Former Art Teacher Who Had Sex Change Gets Busted For Impersonating A Cop

Santa Fe   An Eldorado transsexual has been charged with impersonating a police officer by stopping a car on Interstate 25, police say.  Randey Michelle “Mikeh” Gordon, 60, is a former male high-school art teacher in Westchester County, N.Y., who caused a stir in 2000 when she took the school year off with pay to have a sex-change operation.   Her story has been featured by the New York Daily News, Fox News and conservative Christian publications.   Gordon did not return a message to her phone in Eldorado on Tuesday.   According to the state police, a Santa Fe County grand jury last week returned an indictment against Gordon for impersonating a police officer, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and reckless driving.   State police spokesman Lt. Eric Garcia said Gordon was not arrested because the District Attorney’s Office wanted to present the charges to a grand jury first. Garcia said he expects a jury trial soon will be scheduled in Santa Fe County Magistrate Court for Gordon.  Last summer, Garcia said, police heard that a “person in women’s clothes who was very obviously a male” was parking a police-like vehicle along I-25, pointing a radar gun at cars and sometimes yelling at the drivers with a bullhorn.


I think Randy needs a refund on that surgery…something tells me that when a dude becomes a chick they don’t want people being able to describe them as “very obviously a male” while cruising past them at 75 mph.  Randy must have gotten the Tijuana special, I bet his/her pussy looks and smells fantastic.  Now that I’ve grossed myself out let’s break this story down to the specific charges, impersonating a cop, assault with a deadly weapon, and reckless driving…quite a laundry list of offenses.  My favorite part of this story is that he/she was pulling people over wearing a sundress and a glock…very subtle…pimp your car out with police decals and emergency lights then throw on a nice flower print so you look absolutely fabulous when issuing fake citations…once again flamboyance rears its colorful head and another criminal is off the streets.  Oh Randy, hoisted with your own petard.

-Thanks to Will for the tip


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