Greetings From The Year 2034

Ok…so while roaming the message boards I came across some guy claiming to be from the year 2034…obviously crazy…but this dude answered questions for almost 7 hours…so I decided to put his predictions to the test…he spoke of future NBA franchises…including the Mexico City Aztecs and the Albuquerque Coyotes.  Said the Lakers and Cavs will win the next two NBA titles and that The Colts will beat the Vikings in this year’s Superbowl…so I’m gonna post some of his craziest  predictions right here and see if any of them come true…so…here…we…go…

From TimeMachine2034:


My name is XX. I’m a time traveler from the year 2034 who use to post on this board from about 2004-2010.
I’ve decided to come back to this board to enlighten this board as to the future of basketball.
Feel free to ask any question about basketball or anything else that isn’t lame.

An old poster posting from the year 2034

Question: Who wins the 2010 and 2011 NBA championships

Future DudeThe Lakers and the Cavs, respectively.

The funny thing is that the 2011 Finals will be VERY controversial. This board (I was still lurking at this time, although I didn’t post) will blow up in a way that hasn’t been seen yet on this board

Question:  Which NBA teams win titles between 2009 and 2034?

Future DudeLet me see. I *think* from 2010-2036 it goes like this (in no particular order- also the 2036 season has not concluded yet)

Lakers (4 titles)
Cavs (3 titles)
Pistons (2 titles)
Bulls (1 title)
Celtics (3 titles)
Mavericks (1 title)
76ers (3 titles)
Spurs (2 titles)
Jazz (1 title)
Rockets (1 title)
Knicks (2 titles)
Blazers (1 title)
Seattle (1 title)

I think that is correct. The major players are going to be the Lakers/Cavs/Celtics/76ers (the odds on favorite to win the title this year (my time)

Question: Does College football have a playoff?  What is the best university?  Is Cuba a free country?  Does Tim Tebow play defense in the NFL?

Future Dude1. Actually it does! Instituted around the year 2015, IRC. I’m not much of a college football guy though, so I don’t remember all the details.
2. It is still one of the Ivies, which one depends on your point of view. I went to a Midwestern University for undergrad and MIT for graduate school. The quality and ranks of the schools don’t change much from your time to mine.
3. Well, it is socialist.
4. No. He has a very pedestrian career, believe it or not

QuestionIs President Obama elected to a second term and who does he run against in 2012

Future DudeYes.
He runs against Mitt Romney and barely wins.
I guess the closest comparison would be Jimmy Carter winning a second term, although Obama is seen as a slightly more effective President than Carter.
The blowback from Bush is still a major factor in the year 2012, and contributed to Obama’s win. The balance of power shifts though in the year 2016

Question:  Who wins the Super Bowl in 2010?

Future DudeThe Colts win in 2010, with Manning winning MVP.
They go 15-1, IRC. They don’t go undefeated


Question:  What is the Detroit Pistons lineup in 2034?

Future DudePG: Terrell Johnson
SG:  Drahcir McDaniel (I think that is how you spell his first name)
SF:  Josh Collins (no, not that Josh Collins)
PF: Conrad Malone
C: Andrew Young

Collins moves in and out of the starting lineup with Xavier Toney from time to time

So this is the kind of stuff this guy did for 6 hours for no particular reason…he says he’s gonna come back and answer more questions this week…so if he makes any other crazy predictions I’ll update this post…but look for Andrew Young to lead the Pistons in 2034
Here is the link to the actual thread…  it’s a pretty good read…if you have a few minutes to kill


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