The Loon Is Internationally Hated!!!!!!

So a couple months ago I wrote this blog about Denmark being the asshole of the day for having Obama go over there to lobby for the Olympics…well just like everything else, Europe got my blog late and I just received this response…

from Your A Disgrace:

Denmark has never asked for your president, you stupid morron! Obama unfortunately wanted to support Chigago and maybe to catch some publicity. He´s comming again to the climate meeting, but of course this time it´s important, because The United Fucking States can´t control their abuse of the environment!
To conclude on what you´re saying, I would guess you´re one of the reasons why NOONE in scandinavia or the rest of Europe, gives a fuck about americans. Everyone thinks the inhabitants of the United States are stupid as hell… And you´re one of the reasons why..! I hope you lose your job, and your 10 dollar paycheck, and maybe when your IQ reaches the level of 59, you should be abe to realize, that the States aren’t the center of everything..!
In fact, we don´t gives a fuck…

now I’m not gonna give out this losers e-mail address…but I’ll give you the important parts…

so from what I can gather being a stupid ignorant American, this zero is an asshole from Europe and more specifically Denmark…well holy shit!!! I’ve gone mother fucking international!!! I’ve hopped the pond!  I love this kind of thing, this is one of the main reasons I started The Loon…I want to piss people off…but I never thought some Danish loser would read me and fire back…but now I am declaring verbal warfare on Denmark…I had no beef with you, but now that one of your 5.5 million decided to mess with me it’s fucking on…if WW2 is any indication you’ll surrender to The Loon in a matter of days…wouldn’t this flag look great flying over Copenhagen?

 so any loyal readers of The Loon have some homework…we have officially declared war on Denmark…so if you know anyone who is Danish then punch them in the face really fucking hard…THE LOON IS RISING!!!!! Down With Denmark!!!!


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4 Responses to “The Loon Is Internationally Hated!!!!!!”

  1. Will Says:

    HATE HATE HATE…. This is Hillarious

  2. imbalderimsicker Says:

    shut up denmark. your blow sucks

  3. DevilsYanksJets Says:

    god thats funny.. demark wants a verbal war.. how did you get this email.. and PS im pretty sure the world does revolve around the US

  4. bmqyanksfan Says:

    devilsyanksjets: I liked your name until the jets part lol.

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