Welcome Home Rick

Ricky…you’ve always been my favorite running back…it killed me when you missed all those years…but you are back in a big fucking way…119 yards and 3 TDs says “yeah we’ll miss Ronnie but I’m gonna carry the load”  Ricky if you can finish this year out and help us make a season out of this 0-3 start then I hope you have all the weed you can smoke when you hang em up…literally fields and fields at your disposal…you cleaned up your act, shaved your head, got over your social anxiety and are now showing the league that even at 32 you can still carry the rock like a fucking champ.  Those years off may have been a blessing in disguise…instead of getting concussions and beat up in the NFL you smoked and practiced holistic medicine and now you are running like ur in your twenties…and you proved tonight why you could be the starting back on any NFL team…you’re the featured back again Ricky, welcome home…now play that shit…


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