Ugh…It Begins

If you’re planning on seeing a movie this weekend…don’t.  Tonight at midnight across the country weeping, spastic, screaming chicks and gay teenagers will flood the multiplexes to see the newest installment in the Twilight series.  If you’ve been living a life I envy you have no idea what this is, so I’ll explain briefly.  Twilight is a series of novels written by Stephenie Meyer and are probably the least interesting vampire stories of all time.  In the interest of full disclosure I kind of dig the whole vampire thing…I think it would be sweet to live forever and be powerful as shit, True Blood is a great show because well, it’s fucking gory and there’s sex and tits and hot chicks and all around greatness…Twilight on the other hand is what you’d get if Count Chocula tried to write a Dawson’s Creek episode…it’s sugary and retarded.  It is designed to do exactly what it is doing, sweep teenage girls up into a frenzy and make a shitload of money, and money it will make.  Very similar to what Titanic did in the 90’s except Titanic was a great flick, no Twilight film will win any awards except on MTV.  So stay away from theatres for the next couple weeks unless you want to go for the comedy of it all…what kind of fans can you expect?  Here ya go…

Ugh…I can’t believe this shit is going to make 500 million+  worldwide


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3 Responses to “Ugh…It Begins”

  1. ImBalderImSicker Says:

    cant fucking wait

  2. bmqyanksfan Says:

    nothing like a crappy that millions watch and love and getting to laugh at them

  3. bmqyanksfan Says:

    oops add movie after crappy

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