Who Said This?

“I feel horrible and embarrassed for Anya, her family and myself … because this was a private moment that was never supposed to be made public.” He adds, “This was an intentional, malicious sabotage against Anya and her career … and I feel stupid for not deleting the files off of my computer.”

And the answer is fine arts photographer Wyatt Gallery.  Gallery has been in the news lately because his sex tape with Miss Trinidad and Tobago is all over the web.  According to Gallery the video was stolen off his laptop when he, get this, took it to a Trinidad computer shop for repairs…Umm, bro you’re banging the hottest chick from their tiny island nation, you think the geeky computer techs wouldn’t find something like that?  First thing any computer tech does when they get a hard drive to repair is search it for porn, and the ones who don’t have given up on life.  I respect you hitting that, good work bro, but don’t act all shocked when shit like that hits the web…if you make a sex tape The_Creator is gonna see it, just the way it is…nothing gets by me.

Anyway here is one of the tapes…

Gallery Banging Miss T & T  Give it a minute to load in…but the link works…speakers down if watching at work!


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