Never Stick Your Dick In A Psycho Chick

ESPN   Reality TV star Tila Tequila filed a lawsuit against San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne Merriman alleging domestic violence.  Attorney Cyrus Nownejad told The Associated Press that Tequila is seeking $1.5 million in damages.  Merriman was arrested by sheriff’s deputies on Sept. 6 after Tequila signed a citizen’s arrest warrant accusing him of battery and false imprisonment at his suburban home. District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis declined to charge Merriman.


Well Shawne this is what you get for spelling your name with a useless “e” and banging the queen of fame seekers.  If you actually thought a chick named Tila Tequila was just going to let this go quietly, then you sir are a moron.  Of course she is gonna drag you into court and make a spectacle out of this…she named herself after mexican booze, you can’t expect rational decisions.  Guess the herpes and itchy dick don’t seem so worth it now huh big guy?


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