Suns Rising

If you told me the Phoenix Suns would have the best record in the NBA and a two game lead over the defending champion Lakers after the first twelve games of the season I would have laughed in your face and slapped your mother.  As a die-hard Suns fan I was praying for 30 wins TOTAL! this year.  Now at 10-2 we’re on pace to challenge for a midlevel playoff spot.  I still have no delusions of winning the division or challenging for a title but I love that I have a team to root for that is playing hard and winning tough games.  In fact the only two games the Suns have lost this year were to the teams in the finals last season, both on the road, and both on the second day of  back-to-backs.  So I’m going to enjoy this start knowing full well it can come to an end at anytime…next stop New Orleans who we’ve already beaten this season in Phoenix, and with their new coach seem to be in turmoil…always a dangerous recipe for a trap game…gotta get to 11-2 before we see Detroit.



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