Asshole Of The Day:


Ok this is a long fucking time coming…I’m a little drunk right now but the thing is if I wasn’t this blog wouldn’t be getting written.  I tried to go to to check and see if there was anything worthy of Loon attention…but in my semi wasted state I typed this….es[…slipped and hit the button to the right of the P…but instead of being able to just retype it I get sent to’s fucking stupid ass suggestions for what they think I was trying to find…FUCK BING.COM!!!! Fuck them up their stupid asses…I don’t want any tips for how to get where I want to go…how ballsy???  Literally the fucking balls on these people…I didn’t sign up for their input…I didn’t request their advice…so how come whenever I make a keyboard misstep am I subjected to their jackassery???  It’s uncalled for!!! I see their dumb commercials…but I thought I would be immune to their stupid antics…but apparently anyone who has a keypad fumble has to deal with their shit…well I say NO MORE!!!! BOYCOTT BING.COM!!!!  They are stepping over the line…as Chapelle would say they are habitual line steppers…so if you know or meet anyone who works for Microsoft/ punch them in the fucking face…makes me feel like going Les Grossman on their asses… = Flaming Dragon


3 Responses to “Asshole Of The Day:”

  1. bill gates Says:

    im sorry u didnt like bing, we mostly stole it from google but its half as good. pretty clever eh? i made billions and me and my whore wife give away millions for a huge tax break we’re so generous, we’re martyrs like Jesus only better.


    cancel asshole bing



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