Steve Phillips’ Ugly Fuck Buddy Starts Media Tour


NY Daily News   Brooke Hundley, whose publicized affair with ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips rocked the sports world, said that after all hoopla surrounding the scandal she can understand the pain his wife felt.  “I think the only thing I could really say to [Phillips’ wife, Marni] is that as someone whose family has been ripped apart over this just as much as someone who has, you know, 500 phone calls, e-mails, letters, paparazzi outside my apartment, reporters wanting me to talk and to say something, that I understand her pain,” Hundley told Kate Snow of ABC’s “Good Morning America” Thursday.  The scandal broke after Hundley wrote Phillips’ wife a letter about the affair and contacted her son through Facebook.


Ok let’s ease up on the rhetoric here, this in no way “rocked the sports world.”  The only interesting aspect of this story is that Steve Phillips would put his dick in this hippopotamus.  Yeah that may seem cruel and if you think so, well, fuck you I don’t give a shit, she’s a fucking whale and doesn’t deserve any sympathy.  Now she is going around playing the victim card when she was the one who started this by writing notes to Phillips’ wife bragging about the affair.  I didn’t cover this when it first broke because I didn’t think it was a big deal, but now this bitch has gotten under my skin (in case you haven’t figured it out I hate publicity seeking douchbags) so I’m firing both barrels.  Chick actually tries to use the “I’m only 22 and didn’t know what I was doing” defense, umm ok first of all bitch you look like you’re 40 maybe ease up on the Katz’ Deli sandwiches.  Plus you worked for ESPN, I know they have a gym.  Secondly, 22 isn’t an excuse, you fucked a married man because you thought he could help your career, plain and simple.  Now we have to listen to her as she makes the news show rounds, I’m sure her book will be out in the spring, can’t wait to see her crying on Oprah…only in America…this is one time where I can almost see why terrorists hate us.


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2 Responses to “Steve Phillips’ Ugly Fuck Buddy Starts Media Tour”

  1. ImBalderImSicker Says:

    def bang her if i was 16 deep

  2. bond007 Says:

    What an ugly piece of shit. shut ur mouth and go get a load of cum by some white trailer trash fucker. this pisses me off so much cus shes so god dam ugly

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