Serena Actually Says Something I Agree With


NY Daily News   Serena Williams wears many hats, and she’s about to try on another.  She was recently ranked No. 1 in the world by the Women’s Tennis Association, she launched a handbag and jewelry collection this year, and now Williams wants to get back into acting.  “I really enjoy acting,” she told WENN. “I like being in front of the camera. I think I should be an action star.”  This wouldn’t be the first time Williams appears on screen. In 2005, she guest-starred on NBC’s “E.R.”  “I always wanted to die in acting and then I died (in ‘E.R.’) and I was miserable,” she told WENN. “I was like, ‘I don’t wanna die anymore’, so my dying in acting career is over!”  She’s hoping to score some action roles, and she does have some good qualifications.  “I can do a real mean chop and a kick and I can jump high and run fast and cartwheel,” Williams said.


I’m usually not a fan of anything Serena Williams does, she just seems really arrogent to me, like the world should just give her shit because she’s Serena Williams.  That said, I think she is right on with this idea…she would be a kick ass action star.  I don’t understand how anyone could resist handing over 10.50 to see her jack mother fuckers up.  I mean for god’s sake she can cartwheel!!  With that qualification the movie just writes itself.  Plus we know she’s a mean bitch, wanting to shove tennis rackets down tiny line judges throats, that was the only audition I needed to see.  I can already hear her threatening to volley a bad guys nuts, and saying “I’m gonna restring my racket with your guts, bitch”  Now if we can get Michael Bay on board with this then we’ve got a goldmine.  Easily 100 million domestic box office, plus the action figure line would be a huge seller.  Make this happen Hollywood.



One Response to “Serena Actually Says Something I Agree With”

  1. ImBalderImSicker Says:

    def bang her if i was 16 deep

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