More Freaks In The News


Peru   “They call me the hardware store,” says Requelme Abanto from his hospital bed in northern Peru. Doctors in the city of Cajamarca said they removed 1.5 pounds of metal from Abanto’s stomach, including nails, coins, and rusted copper wire and scrap metal.   Cajamarca hospital surgeon Carlos Delgado told The Associated Press on Wednesday that he’s never seen anything like what he found in last week’s operation.  “We went in thinking it could be appendicitis, but weren’t we surprised by what we found—a hole in his stomach,” Delgado said.  Delgado said specialists are examining Abanto’s mental health as he recovers.  The 26-year-old construction worker ate the metal for months, and told Peru’s Channel 9 television that he may now do it in public “as sport.”


Mr. Abanto has an interesting idea, competitive metal eating.  I feel like that would get ratings, just the weirdness of it will get people to tune in plus the halftime emergency surgery each night will add that life or death factor that people seem to like.  You know if there’s one guy who like to eat nails and shit then there are a ton of other people who do.  This stuff just doesn’t appear in a vaccume…I bet I could find a couple fetish sites about it…as a matter of fact hold on a sec while I look……………..hmm…couldn’t find anything about people getting off to eating metal, but I did find this guy…


You know you’d all watch if this guy was the Peyton Manning of metal eating…wanna be able to tell your kids about how you saw him in his prime


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