Gymnastics Coach Fucks Her Team Over


Kansas   Some times it’s better to just keep your mouth shut.  Shawnee Mission (Kan.) Northwest High lost its state gymnastics title last weekend because its coach couldn’t do just that.  Jackie Cipollini asked officials inappropriate questions about the scoring of the balance beam – a violation that resulted in a one-point penalty that dropped her school from first to third in the competition.   “Our coach made an inquiry and it ended up being an issue that’s not allowed to be inquired about,” Shawnee Mission Northwest athletic director Richard Grinage said. “It clearly states what you can appeal and her conversation with the judge was about issues you are not allowed to inquire about.”   Grinage would not say what Cipollini asked about, only saying, “It was a non-appealable, game-played judgment. It would be similar to a called ball or strike.”

Wow, the Kansas State Gymnastics Judges don’t fuck around huh?  Pretty ballsy to enforce that ruling if you ask me, and equating it to arguing balls and strikes??  I dunno, even baseball umps know to ease up off the ejection trigger in The World Series.  You have to put the whistle away on this one, that might fly in some meet at the beginning of the year but at this stage you gotta let them decide it on the uneven bars.  Look for the league to check into this one, I can see some fines for the judges here, you can’t let a technicality dictate the outcome, so unprofessional.

P.S. Somebody should look into the dude on the right side of the picture…something tells me he’s not supposed to be there


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