Give This Bitch Her Booze!


Michigan  Police said a woman threatened her husband with a 7-inch knife after he threw away her bottle of vodka as she slept in their suburban Detroit home. Clawson police Lt. Scott Sarvello told The Daily Tribune of Royal Oak the man returned home from work Sunday night to find his wife sleeping with a bottle of vodka. He threw away the bottle.  Sarvello said the 34-year-old woman woke up, argued with her husband, went back to sleep, then got up again and grabbed a knife from the kitchen to force him to get her vodka or give her the car keys.  Police said the man held her at bay with a chair while he called 911.


We all know women have it rough, especially this chick.  She has to stay home all day while her husband gleefully gets to skip off to work every morning.  She gets to sleep in and watch tv, maybe text a little bit or fuck around online…it’s sickening what he put her through.  Honestly, how else did he think she would cope with it all?  Obviously she turns to the chick drink of choice because vodka is clear therefor you won’t get fat if you drink a shitload of it.  Listen, I’ve learned few things in my 26 years, but one of them is don’t take vodka away from a drunk chick, it never goes well.  I’ve seen some epic battles get started that way, and the thing is if the girl is awake you’re not getting the bottle, this guy knew that so he pulled the sneak attack and got her when she was power napping.  But that is like poking a sleeping bear, claws are gonna come out and come out they did.  This guy should have been scared for his fucking life, I would be, because you know she would have used that knife if he didn’t fend her off with the chair.  Her eyes were probably focused on his throat the entire time, ugh I get shivers just thinking about it, the stare of death.  She would have sliced him up and sat on him as he bled out just casually sipping from her Popov bottle.  Guys, leave your woman’s vodka alone, should be added to the surgeon general’s warning.


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