Don’t Worry The Loon Isn’t Going Anywhere


Yeah I’ve been slow getting new blogs up the past week or so, that’s because I got a reality check on how hard it’s gonna be to get this fucker running at full speed and making me some god damn money.  So I’ve been trying to get a bar to sponsor The Loon, hasn’t gone well since most of the jackasses I talked to wanted all sorts of contracts and shit.  So now I have to figure out the legal aspect of this endeavor which is basically me educating myself.  What did Will Hunting say?  “You wasted 100,000 on a college education that you could have gotten for a dollar fifty in late charges at the public library”  Yeah well my last week has been just that…did you know it’s harder to get a library card in Arizona than it is a drivers license??  Ridiculous.  Anyway, I’m putting that shit to the side and finishing this week out strong…putting in a full day of blogging tomorrow and friday…and most likely saturday depending on how drunk I get friday night…so worry not Loonies…I’m bringing back the quality tomorrow.


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