Worst Poker I’ve Ever Seen


Honestly my dead grandmother was a better player than the two shitheads that battled it out for the title.  Cada and Moon might be the luckiest sons of bitches on the planet…I’ve never seen two people river out more in my life…these assholes are winning with Ace Queen over Ace King and pocket twos beating pocket nines…unbelievable…it’s like watching retards trying to balance their checkbooks.  Joe Cada is now the youngest ever to win the main event but fuck him he had no business being there…these assholes went all in every fucking hand and got bailed out everytime.  Fuck it I’m raising the 10 grand and entering this shit next year, I’ll go all in blind every other hand and maybe I’ll win millions…fuck this shit…time to ban fuckers who have no idea what they’re doing.


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One Response to “Worst Poker I’ve Ever Seen”

  1. 27 Says:

    couldnt agree more.. it literally got me angry wathing these assholes suck out on better hands… Moom literally got lucky three times in a row… thats bullshit.. moon also sucked out on Mr. Roos who knocked him in on one of the final days..

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