Japan Will Never Start Another War


Japan  Yasuo Takeuchi makes an improbable radical. Skinny, wearing jeans, a striped sports shirt and a baby blue cardigan, he is fidgety and talks in a near whisper. He is 33, works for a major publisher in Tokyo and inspired a label now applied to a new generation of Japanese men. He is the archetypal soshokukei danshi, “herbivorous male” or Ojo-man “girlie man”.  Herbivores are shy and quiet. They seek the friendship of women and spurn aggressive dating. They are thrifty and abhor consumerism. They like quiet evenings in with friends rather than drinking till they vomit in the izakaya bars of Tokyo. They are the antithesis of the macho Japanese salarymen, on whose long-suffering shoulders modern Japan was built.


A lot of people talk about the pussification of America, but no matter how many drag queens, tree huggers, and grown men living in their parents basement we have, we will never be this weak.  They seek the friendship of women??  What the fuck is that??  So these guys are trying to get in the friend zone?  Wow, Japan has come a long way from the Kamikaze and the Samurai huh?  From the article’s description of these dudes they all sound like Michael Jacksons.  Fidgety, speaking in whispers…add finger blasting kids and the costume will be complete.  Did the rest of the world just immediately take all their money out of the Japanese markets after reading this?  This is how deep recessions start.  Fuck, looks like I won’t be seeing the PS4 anytime soon…thanks Yasuo Takeuchi…prick


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One Response to “Japan Will Never Start Another War”

  1. Beth Says:

    Are the Japanese prohibited or just afraid to use the word “gay” to identify one of their own? If it’s either of those, they should really have saved some time and adopted the term “metro-sexual” from us. Imagine, we could call that guy “metro-sexualese!”

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