Parent Of The Year?


Alabama   A woman pleaded guilty and will spend five days in jail after letting her daughter ride in a cardboard box on top of their van. The judge ordered Jackie Knott to 90 days jail time, of which she will serve only five days.  WAFF reported Tuesday that the 37-year-old Knott admitted endangering the welfare of a child. The sentence began immediately and she also has to complete 40 hours of community service, attend a parenting class and driving school followed by two years probation.  Albertville police arrested Knott last month after concerned drivers called police when they saw the 13-year-old in the box.  Knott reportedly told police the box wouldn’t fit inside the van so her daughter was sitting inside to weigh it down on the roof. The teen was not hurt.


I say cut this chick a break.  It’s not like she threw an infant up there, the girl was 13!  This is Alabama she’s probably already fucking and has a kid of her own, I think she can handle weighing down the moomoos her mom just picked up at the Salvation Army.  The girl was probably having a blast too.  My folks never let me do anything remotely dangerous, no running around the pool, no sticking forks in toasters and lightsockets, no yelling “open bar” at their AA meetings, my childhood was a drag.  If I’d had a mom like Jackie Knott I’d have the fondest memories of childhood, and probably a few more broken bones and stitches.


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