It’s Respect Your Elders Night At Yankee Stadium


75…that’s the combined age of the two starters in game 6 of The World Series.  Pedro Martinez and Andy Pettitte take the mound with the Yankees leading the best of 7 series 3-2.  Pettitte is going on three days rest and has a TON of pressure on his 37 year old shoulders.  The Yankees took a gamble and lost pitching A.J. Burnett on three days rest in game 5, this is because now the Yankees will have to turn to pitchers on short rest for the remainder of the series.  Sure they have home field and get Hideki Matsui back in the lineup but you never know how a pitcher will throw on short rest, and Andy doesn’t have the best track record when he does.

It will be poetic justice no matter which starter wins tonight.  If Pedro wins then he’ll have beaten the team he once called his daddy in what may be the last start in his hall of fame career.  If Andy wins then the pitcher with the most postseason wins in history and one who actually pitched for The Yankees when they last won in 2000 will go out on top.  This could go either way.

I have a feeling this will not be a pitchers duel and the bats will have to decide this.  It’s about time Tex started hitting, he could single handedly bust this game open early if he connects for a long ball.  Utley has been unreal this series but Andy is tough on lefties and I see him pitching carefully to Chase.  The wildcard tonight is Ryan Howard, we all know this guy can straight hit and if there is anyone who is due it’s him.  If Andy can keep Utley from beating him and continue to make Howard look pathetic at the plate I think The Yanks take this game…but if the Phillies get into the Yanks pen early then we could be right back here tomorrow night for game 7.


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