How Much Longer Can This Shit Be Allowed?


The lengths this chick will go to in order to distract people from her cock are unbelievable.  Can Lady Gaga just fucking stop??  We’re reaching a point where the only way she could get stranger is if she actually whipped her dick out and started slapping people with it.  The shit she wears has appeared in my nightmares many times and I think this new one won’t leave me alone for quite some time.  I don’t understand the motive here, what does she think she’s accomplishing?  Does this sell records?  No chance right?  I mean if she’s trying to become a joke that people like me rip on then I guess she’s succeeded.  Just plain weird…over my head.

P.S.  Some photographer that took her picture while she was wearing this actually fucking died of a heart attack…the shit she wears kills people…so yeah someone should do something


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