Fun Times With Moonshine


Guatemala   Despite a drinking ban mayhem erupted at a traditional Mayan horse race on Sunday with riders falling off their horses and drunken spectators stumbling through the mountain village.   Hundreds of tourists and locals gathered for the annual spectacle in Todo Santos Cuchumatan on Sunday to cheer the dozens of riders charging back and forth along a 330-foot (100-meter) length of road for up to seven hours.  But the macho test of stamina was marred, as it has been in the past, by the copious amount of homemade spirits the riders consume, sometimes for days before the race.  At least two Mayan riders fell off their horses during this year’s race, and one was carried away by bystanders after being trampled in the mud. Another man walked away from the track with a bloody face.  “People here aren’t able to hold their drink, if they have one drink, they just continue until they’re so drunk they want to hit someone,” said Modesto Mendez, the mayor of the village.


Umm, this sounds great.  I would absolutely love to go see this.  What could be better than getting shit canned for three days, then watching other drunk people fall off horses?  That sounds like the most fun I’d ever have in my life.  This mayor can shut the fuck up too, he can play the concerned politician all he wants but you know he’s loving this attention his town is getting.  Why do you think all those tourists were there to watch this?  The horse racing??  Hell no, they wanted to see drunk people falling all over the place.  It’ll be a sad day in Todo Santos Cuchumatan when they get their drinking under control.


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